Bike maintenance workshops

Pulling your bike out of the garage only to find the chain has rusted solid is no fun. Probably even less fun is getting a puncture at your furthest point from home and not being able to fix it yourself.

But what if you could have fun while learning to combat these very issues?

Join an evening bike maintenance workshop to get to grips with the basics with a drink in hand. Over a two-hour session we will cover:

  • your bike and its parts
  • cleaning your bike
  • simple brake and gear tweaks
  • fixing a puncture
  • what to carry when riding

You don’t need to bring your bike, but we will be getting hands-on to practice changing an inner tube.

The session is led by a friendly, qualified mechanic with bags of experience. It’ll be a fun, sociable evening with a ‘no such thing as a silly question’ policy.

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