‘Op’ is a punchy Dutch term that’s usually accompanied by waving arms and clanging cowbells at bike races across the continent. It officially translates to a few things:

  • Up
  • Upwards
  • Uphill (against difficulties) – possibly the most apt
  • On
  • To a higher place

I chose the name because it implies progress: progress in the sport, in women’s experiences of it and an individual’s progression to better bike handling.

About me

I have been working within cycling for the last eight years, while also spending a significant amount of non-desk time sat on a bicycle. This has included touring, commuting, racing, time-trialling, riding sportives, doing triathlons and just plain pootling about, while taking in almost all of the eight disciplines of cycling (sorry BMX!).

As well as writing about cycling during my 9-5 I’m also a freelance writer. Just drop me a note on my contact form if I can help with anything wordy.

And I’m also a Level 1 British Cycling Coach and Breeze Champion, with a fair bit of enthusiasm for helping people to get riding. After all, cycling is an easy and ace option for getting around, keeping fit and having an awesome time in the outdoors.

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